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Signs Of Kindness Sprouting As CMS Tour AwaitS

By Cheryl Conway

Get those Kindness Lawn Signs ready! Best sign gets a reward this year.

While the CMS Kindness Tour takes place just one day every year, it takes a bit a of planning, with the month prior spent making signs and sending in donations.

Chester M. Stephen Elementary School in Budd Lake is planning its 11th Kindness Tour for Friday, April 5. As in years’ past, second graders will aboard a bus with stops along the way to spread kindness.

The community’s residents and businesses plan to get involved again by making Kindness Lawn Signs and posting them on their property to show their support. To show its appreciation, the teachers are offering a $50 award for the best sign.

Signing up is simple.

“The signs need to be posted for the day of the tour: April 5th,” says Ann Scotland, second grade teacher and Kindness Tour organizer. “You don't enter... you just do. That is what the day is about... you just do kindness~ you don't apply or wait to be asked...  you offer because it is the right thing. Everybody wins because the message and spirit of the community will be a gift to all.” 

Scotland continues: “No real rules for signs; positive message, post in your own yard so people can see; enjoy the view. Feel free to post your sign on Facebook or Tweet @cms4learning.”

While everyone is a winner, she says, there will be one lucky sign maker selected for the top prize: $50 will be given to a charity of that household’s or businesses choice.

“We will post a picture of the "winner" a few days after the tour,” says Scotland.  “We are just going to be on the lookout for an original sign with a great message of kindness. We will pick one; I'm sure there will be many, just to offer an extra token from the second grade teachers as a thank you for sharing in our lesson. A little added kindness because it is what the day is about.

“Added inspiration out in the community is magical for sure,” says Scotland. “It offers a spirit within the town that is contagious for all that witness the heartfelt messages. One person, one onlooker to it all, can touch a heart and move forward in a beautiful way.”

The idea for making lawn signs for the tour began “many tours ago,” says Scotland. “A group of families on Sunset Drive and the surrounding area decided to surprise the teachers and participants of the tour that year by posting kindness signs in their yards. As we left the school to go out and spread kindness, we were greeted with all of these wonderful signs up and down the street. It is now a tradition that we do each year. Although the families on Sunset have graduated and moved on, they continue to support us with signs. They post them every year. The signs are now throughout the community. Like kindness it became contagious and grew with time.”

Many look forward to making the signs and seeing the messages they bring.

 “The signs offer a community spirit,” says Scotland. “They get a conversation started among neighbors, employees, young and old alike. We are all talking about "goodness" and how we can do our part. We are changing the world with each and every act, offering a healthy direction for people to follow. Simple words that we can put into action... why not start with a sign!”

 On April 5, about 115 second graders, eight teachers, four aides, and maybe the new superintendent of schools, Dr. Robert Zywicki, will board four buses to visit the Warren Haven Nursing Home; Trinity House in Hackettstown to check out the food pantry & The Midnight Run which feeds the homeless in NYC; Budd Lake Post Office to mail letters of gratitude to the U.S. troops; and then back to CMS for a celebratory lunch and special activity which involves rock painting this year. 


“Of course all 2nd grade parents are invited to attend,” usually following in their cars.

For the special activity, Pinot's Palette from Hackettstown will visit in the afternoon of the tour.

“We will be painting Kindness Rocks to be offered as a sign of hope and inspiration,” says Scotland, adding that final details are still being planned. 

For the “The Kindness Rocks Project, we will potentially "donate" the rocks to various locations,” says Scotland, such as Hackettstown Medical Center and/or Morristown Medical Center Goryeb Children's Hospital, to be placed in courtyards.

“Another possibility will be to bring some to East Brook, in Paramus,” the school that was involved with the bus crash on Rt. 80 in Mt. Olive in May 2018.  “There are several places in the school and outside on the property that would be great for this,” says Scotland.

This year, the NJEA has offered a grant to support the trip.

“The entire CMS Family will participate in some way,” says Scotland. “They are all invited to bring in canned goods for the food pantry. Alumni students that went on past trips are asked to wear a Kindness T-Shirt in support of the mission the day of the trip. The older students usually clap the 2nd graders out as they leave.”

Scotland invites the community to drop off canned goods at the school throughout the month of March.

“Pick your own act of kindness and make it happen,” concludes Scotland. “Talk about it, post, tweet... be the light that others can follow. Our boys and girls need to recognize and be the humaneness of the world using all of their skills and talents... we are their example...Let's give them an image they can follow.  Together we can offer this next generation a future filled with promise and hope- a lesson worth teaching!”

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MOHS Athletes Sign NLI’s To Play In College

Several athletes have signed National Letters of Intent this school year.


Sydney Bradle, center, signs her NLI for cross country at Marist College in Pouqhkeepsie, N.Y., in the fall. Her dad, Dean, is on the left, and her mom, Heather, is on the right. 

They have announced their plans to play a sport at the collegiate level.


Laura Green, center, signs her NLI for cross country at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. Hope McDonald, her aunt, is on the left, and her mom, Catherine, is on the right. 

Signing ceremonies have been held at Mt. Olive High School for the following students.


Jason Harris, plans to attend Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., as he signed his NLI to play baseball. Pictured, from left, is his dad Thomas,, Jason, and mom Suzanne.  


Madison Palumbo signed with Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Conn., to play lacrosse. Pictured, from left, is her dad, Joseph; sister Drew, Madison and her mom Susan. 


Madison Bednarik signed with Queens University of Charlotte in Charlotte, N.C., to play lacrosse. Madison is pictured in center with her mom Kim, on left, and dad Rob. 


Naya Vialva signed her NLI with La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pa., to play soccer. Her mom, Mona, is on the left and her dad, Devon, is on the right. 

More athletes Sign NLI


Claude Mitchell signed with Mars Hill University in Mars Hill, N.C., to play lacrosse.  Pictured with him is Dad Claude, mom Dawn and brother and sister. 


Michael McCreery signed his NLI to play lacrosse at Montclair State University in Montclair. He is pictured in center, with his mom, Debbie, on left, and his dad, Adam, on right. 



Movie in March At Library

 Please join in on Tuesday, March 19, at either 1 p.m.-3 p.m. or 6 p.m.-8 p.m. in the Mt. Olive Public Library Gathering Room for the movie“Bohemian Rhapsody,” a biographical film about the British rock band Queen, its music, and its extraordinary lead singer, Freddie Mercury. It traces the meteoric rise of the band, Mercury’s pursuit of a solo career, and his reuniting with his band mates for “Live Aid.” While bravely facing his Aids diagnosis, Mercury leads the band in one of the greatest performances in rock music  history.                                                                         Admission is free, but registration is requested. Call 973-691-8686 ext. 106 or go to to register.


Worth-While Tips & Tricks To Estate Sale Into Spring

by Gloria Andrich

How many times have you admired a one-of-a-kind piece in someone’s home and in return they gushed to reveal how they’ve unearthed it at the most amazing estate sale. Estate sales are a fantastic place to find those pieces that totally make a room and bring instant ambiance, charm, and style to any spot. It’s also a terrific place to find tools, estate jewelry, designer clothes, fine china, books, and even beautiful paintings. If you feel intimidated by the art of the estate sale quest, don’t be. I’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks on how to shop an estate sale so you can head in prepared and confident.

First, find the estate sale - I know, this sounds, well, “duh,” but you’ve got to start by finding local sales on sites like,,, or from your local newspaper. Personally, I find to be the most insightful plus they offer a free application download for your smartphone. The site searches out estate sales by zip code, so if you’re visiting Granny out in California for the week and the estate sales mood strikes you; enter the local zip code and off you go!  

Do your legwork - It’s important to read the fine print about the sales. When does it open? Are there any special rules?  Do they only accept cash or will they take a check or credit card? Most estate sales are professionally managed, and with directions from the seller, they set their own rules. Depending on which estate sale company is handling the sale; you may even be able to preview pictures of the items online.

And, for the bigger, nationally advertised sales, certain estate sales companies may require you to register online; in turn, they will provide you with a number to get you in the door; this way you don’t have to show up at the crack of dawn and wait in line. All of this will be explained in the instructions on the estate sale websites, so you definitely want to pay close attention to those fine details.

Set your alarm, rise & shine! - Get there early along with the experts. The first few hours are when the best items go, so if you want to see the best selection, get out of the door early. When you arrive, you might have to take a number and stand in line so be sure to have plenty of coffee and don’t forget to throw your umbrella in the car in case you need to stand in the rain.

Haggling on day one of the sale -  If you’ve absolutely got to have it, you may just have to pay a pretty penny for it or take the risk it will be gone by the next day, when they sometimes, not always, start slashing and negotiating prices. But, it doesn’t hurt to try to haggle on the first day, you never know, sometimes you’ll be surprised by the incredibly low price they will take. And remember, cash is king. If you’re going to ask for a great price, make sure you have cash on hand because most estate sale companies will “do better” on an item when they see you’ve got a few greenbacks to spend. And, why not be even savvier and ask for a “bundle” discount. Sometimes when you’re buying a few items, the estate sale company will give you a price break on the bundle. So, it's always worth it to offer less of a price than they are asking; you never know, you might just get lucky.

Carry a small purse or wallet - Many sales will not let you in the door with large bags or backpacks. So, play it safe and carry a small purse or wallet, or even a fanny pack, with just the essentials. Consider taking a flashlight with you for some serious rummaging through dark basements and closets, hand sanitizer, a moving blanket and bungee cords for packing the precious cargo. Sometimes you find that stunning piece you can’t pass up and you definitely want to be prepared to take it home.  

Bring your measurements and inquire - You might even want to go so far as to bring pictures with you of your space if that will assist you with making a down-to-the-wire decision about whether a particular piece will make it or break it. Don’t be afraid to ask about the history of an item. More often than not the staff at well-organized estate sales will give you an astonishing amount of insight. And, if you’re uncertain about whether the price is a good deal or not, be sure to keep your smartphone handy for a quick Google search.

Look high and low - Don’t forget the essential spaces like the garage, basement, and attic. If a space is off-limits, the estate sale company will mark it as such. So, be sure to wear boots or sneakers and not those flip flops because sometimes the best finds are tucked away in grimy and dusty hard-to-get-to spots.

Know the pickup policy beforehand - In most cases, you have to take the item with you right away; sometimes you may be allowed to come back later with a larger vehicle, but not always. Some sales want you to take possession of your items immediately. So, if you have your eye on an unusually large item and you drive a mini cooper, you best have a plan for borrowing a bigger car and, at the same time, round up a few friends for some heaving lifting. Occasionally an event worker will help, but the responsibility for moving your purchases falls on you. So, in other words, be prepared to haul out the items on your own.

Last but not least, mind your manners - I know I don’t have to remind you—but in the heat of a sale, emotions run high. Some estate sale companies run a tight ship, and they know all the tricks people play. For example, placing your own “sold” sign on a piece, while your significant other is on the way to approve of your find, could get you kicked out. Know the rules. If you’re unsure, ask the organizers for help and always be courteous to workers and shoppers as you’re likely to bump into them the next go-round.

Part of the thrill of the hunt when shopping estate sales is that exhilarating feeling that comes over you when you score that incredible find. Here are some pictures of my very best “finds.” So get out there, have fun bargain hunting and enjoy estate sailing into spring! 


Gloria Andrich Life Insurance Sales Broker

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Biggest Losers Contest Kicks Off In MO

Kick off that weight loss before summer by entering the 2019 Biggest Losers Contest offered through the Mt. Olive Exercise Program. Challenge that body for this two month contest to lose as much as possible while getting fit in this invigorating and fun workout program. A variety of classes are taught by different instructors to offer unique styles that focus on cardio, toning and core training.

The contest is being held March and April and is only $90 for unlimited classes, weigh-ins and nutrition advice. See the flyer for more details or call Laura Hars at (973) 903-0453  or for questions.


MO Schools To Showcase Science & STEAM

Mt. Olive School District plans to host its Maker Fest event on Saturday, March 9, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Mt. Olive High School dome. This event is an exciting showcase of how Science & STEAM education are celebrated both in the education sector and workplace.

It will also have Drones competition, District Elementary Science & Innovation Fair, Musical and dance performances, STEAM exhibits/activities for all age groups, live animals and their bio-facts and so much more.


CCM Celebrates 50 Years With Titan Weekend

Register Now for the Titan Trot 5K 

Get those dancing or running shoes on and celebrate with County College of Morris (CCM) in Randolph. To commemorate 50 years of serving the Morris County community, CCM will be hosting a Titan Weekend, a fun-filled extravaganza from May 3 through May 5, with something for everyone. The weekend celebration will include a Titan Ball, CCM’s mascot Titus the Titan’s Birthday and Titan Trot 5K.

Registration is now open for the Titan Trot 5K, which will take place Sunday, May 5, on the CCM Randolph campus. USAFT certified, the Titan Trot 5K consists both of a run and walk. Participants can register online at with a registration fee of $25. The day of the 5K, registration begins at 7 a.m. and the race and walk start at 9 a.m.

On Friday, May 3, the CCM Foundation will hold a Titan Ball, a Greek mythology inspired gala at the Hanover Marriott, in Whippany, complete with Adonis and Aphrodite appetizers and elixirs, and ‘Medusa’ dining and dancing. Tickets can be purchased at

On Saturday, May 4, CCM will celebrate Titus’ Birthday, to honor the college’s mascot and provide the community with a free family-fun-filled event, featuring music, food and special programming. The Titus’ Birthday celebration will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., on the college’s campus.

 “We are grateful for the support of the Morris County community over the last 50 years and very proud of our more than 50,000 alumni, our partnerships with the business community and the cultural events we offer for personal enrichment,” said President Anthony J. Iacono. “Our Titan Weekend is an opportunity for the public to join with our alumni, students and employees to celebrate CCM’s five decades of success.”

Since its founding, CCM has grown into one of the state’s most recognized community colleges. The college consistently has one of the highest combined graduation and transfer rates in the state and is highly recognized for the strength of its engineering and healthcare programs. CCM also is the only community college in New Jersey to be named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, PayScale has rated CCM number one in New Jersey based on the earnings of its graduates.

Over five decades, CCM has educated tens of thousands of students, who have positively impacted the local community, region and beyond. A 2017 study by Emsi, a leading provider of economic impact reports, found the college’s annual contribution to the Morris County economy equates to more than $484 million. Today, CCM is recognized for its high-quality educational offerings, which include transfer, career, workforce development and life-long learning.

To learn more about Titan Weekend, go to

Love poems linger into march

Students Write About Their Love For Animals

Sixth grade students at Mt. Olive Middle School recently completed poems in their language arts class.  They are shared below.

Their assignment on Valentine’s Day was to read and analyze the poem, "Valentine for Ernest Mann," by Naomi Shihab Nye.

“The poem conveys a theme that beauty can be found in everything if you look for it,” explains Lisa Magrini, sixth grade language arts teacher. “Students then brainstormed ideas of creatures or items that aren't usually seen as beautiful, and wrote poems, reinventing or describing those items, in a way that helps us realize their beauty.” 

The Beauty of a Cactus

The prickly thorns push you away from this plant

But if you look closely you won’t start to rant

For there are flowers galore

And bugs it does not store

Maybe it is the desert sand you do not like

If that is so, hit the road, take a hike

Do you just not like the green

Well, how could you be so mean?

Think of the water inside

Yes, the thorns help it hide

But that is no reason for you to run away

When you could be admiring it today

So, when you think of a cactus, what words come to your head? 

Run! Beware!

Or do you think of Beauty! Rare!

You tell me

By: Arabella Theresa Macula

Significant Squid

The way your tentacles flow

The way your shiny body glows

You let out ink when your afraid

People hunt you to get paid

Sometimes your as fast as sharks

When you’re not, they leave big marks

Your colors stand out everywhere

People should wish that they were there

Your beautiful eyes shouldn't have to see

The pain and torture humans bring to the sea

You are a majestic creature and you will not be harmed

Because one day people will get the alarm

That we are blessed to have creatures like you

And see your beauty, too

Your patterns make people smile

And we hope that you will stay a while

You are graceful, and you have a ball

So you keep living, squid

And show them all.

By Ellie Costanza

King Of The Ocean

As the long fin pops up and down

People run in fear, yelling and panicking

The creature swims down to the depths of the ocean

Skimming the sand across his belly

He shows his shimmering white teeth

When he tries to snag a little fish

The dark glistening eyes shine throughout the ocean

The rough sandpaper like skin

Rubs against the green seaweed

Swims in such majestic way

He is soundless in the water

People don’t understand

The way sharks really mean no harm

They eat the same way we do

They eat a fish, and so do we

People don’t get it

How they are so strong

The muscles in the tail and jaw

Such a fearless creature

Surviving in his habitat

Water flows in and out of his gills

The long tail sways back and forth in the ocean’s current

The king of the ocean

Deserves much more.

By: Maggie Tilves

Fact: In the USA alone, there are about 16 shark attacks a year. While deer kill about 200 people from car crashes a year.



As many people think, siblings can be very bratty and annoying. Other people think siblings are the wonders to the world, loving caring and very supportive.

As many different ideas, and theories flow, in my opinion siblings are the world to you.

As bratty and annoying as they are, siblings can also be supportive and caring to you.

Siblings are the ones you can trust and care for.

If you develop a loving connection with them, they can return the favors you gave to them.

Siblings can be the wonders of the world to you

even if you think that they hate you or never respect you.

Siblings are a gift we should love.

By: Gianella Fano

The Beautiful Blobfish

Kindness should be given out like food in a dish

Except no one gives it to the beautiful blobfish

He deserves lots and lots of love

Even though, he may not be as beautiful as a dove

But why be mean, rude or unkind

The love in this fish is not hard to find

No one has ever loved this fish for Valentine’s Day

It spends its time alone while it sits and pray

He is endangered but he fights to stay

Because he knows he can not run away

One day, someone came up to him

It was a little girl named Kim

He has the most beautiful button eyes

That let out many tears when he cries

He is all covered in slime

But Kim wouldn’t change it for a million dimes.

That long nose, oh what it can smell

He should never have to hide under a big seashell

Oh how Kim spoke when she said she loved his pretty pink

It made him sit where he used to pray and he so he could wonder and think

He now knew that no matter what he looked like he could be loved

On the outside and inside he is beautiful he is as pretty as a dove

Other people who visited the beach started to see him as Kim did

The beautiful creature learned of his beauty all because of this kid.

By Angelina Manjarres

Opossums Way of Love

Opossum, a word for gentle and kind.

People see bad but clearly they are blind.

Opossums do not harm, just watch.

All it is can be done, with one word.

Opossums are like a ticking stopwatch.

Maybe they just need to be reheard!

They’re peaceful in a way people can’t see.

If you know them well, they can bring you glee.

They hiss and growl and might just bite,

but really, they just play dead on the ground.

They have the toughest might!

All they have is the sweetest sound.

By: Miley J. Seda

Beauty In Bees

Bees don’t seem likable to the world

Everyone doesn’t see the beauty in them

Even If they glide through the day, with beauty

Some people despise bees a lot, even if the bees did nothing

The problem is, no one looks for the beauty within

Bees are beautiful because of what they do

They make honey and pollen for the world

Without bees, the world would be…


Although bees can be unlikable,

We should respect they are here

Nature is beauty, and bees are part of nature

Most people despise bees, but at least 10% of the world

Love Bees

Bees are just like any other bugs,

Take butterflies for instance

Everyone looks at the beauty on the outside

Beauty comes from within


By Emily Saunders Lucy                   


A Song About Love

Love is in the air

Like happy people are everywhere

Valentine’s Day past away

And the love went bye-bye

Valentine’s Day halo was so rare

That is you got it..sadly no one would care

You may not find true love

But your sadness, you have to get rid of

A song about love

Could be nice like a rose, sort of

Love is hard to find

But an arrow from cupid could be fine

Cupid could shot with an arrow anyone that you want

But don’t be to peek and fall in love with everyone

A pink fog surrounds you

“Wow” you say but you have no clue

Of where it came from

You hear a voice that says “come”

As creeped as you are, you follow the voice

Then somehow you ended with a choice

Love or roses

“Huh? What kind of question is that”

You walk away with your cat

Love, you will find

But don’t be too behind

On life, education

A song about love is just my creation

By Albiona Cala



Tigers have stripes

They live in a savanna

They have a vicious bite

I don't think they eat bananas

They could live in a forest

They always hunt for prey

Tigers don't have nests

They hunt for food in May

They are stalkers in the night

They have a vicious bite

Tigers hunt with all their might

They won't give up without a fight

I feel bad for the deer

Tigers have excellent vision

They have good ears

They’re in another division

They are hunters in their home

Watch out and be careful

You could be in their zone

Too bad you don't have a phone

Tigers are alone

They have some sharp claws

The savanna is their home

They eat with their jaws

They are majestic, wonderful creatures

Tigers’ stripes are always pretty

They have so many features

Their babies are little kitty’s

Even though they are hunters

It doesn't mean they’re scary

They are animals in the wild

Tigers should be preserved

Look at them once

They are very amazing

They have so many black stripes

All which keep me in a daze

They are trying to survive

We must not hunt them

We can protect tigers’ lives

By sharing and caring for them

Mother tigers nurse their young

They give them food every day

They feed them some milk

And on the ground they lay

Tigers roam in the woods

They just want some food

If we give them the goods

It could change their mood

Tigers are a part of nature

They solve some problems too

They are pretty mature

They eat the rats that get in our food

They are scared of us

As we are scared of them

Preserve them we must

hurting them is a problem

They are very good animals

Tigers want to be our friend

I'm pretty sure they’re mammals

They should stay until the end

By: Rishon Pudota




MO Online Features Local Women In Month of March

 Help share her success story

The month of March is known for quite a few things such as the start of spring, March Madness for college basketball fans, Daylight Savings, St. Patrick’s Day and Purim. At a national level, March has been recognized in so many various ways such as National Craft Month, National Kidney Month, Red Cross Month, Music in Our Schools Month, National Nutrition Month, National Puppy Day, National Peanut Month, International Waffle Month, to name a few.

While puppies, and peanut butter, music and basketball are loved by many, women are also recognized in the month of March- both nationally and internationally with National Women’s History Month and International Women's Day, celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the movement for women’s rights and women's achievements.

Each year centers around a different theme such as Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives in 2018; Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030 in 2017; Equality for Women is Progress for All in 2014; and Empower Rural Women, End Poverty and Hunger in 2012.

For this year, the International Women's Day 2019 campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter, which is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world, according to the International Women’s Day website.

Although International Women's Day is celebrated annually on March 8, the global campaign theme continues all year long to encourage action.

According to Wikipedia, International Women’s Day dates back to Feb. 28, 1909, when the Socialist Party of America organized a Women's Day in New York; the 1910 International Socialist Woman's Conference suggested a Women's Day be held annually. March 8 then became a national holiday in Soviet Russia in 1917, after women gained suffrage there, and then grew internationally in 1975 when the United Nations adopted the day.

Today, International Women's Day is a public holiday recognized in some countries. Some plans protests that day, others celebrate womanhood.

To celebrate National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Mt. Olive Online would like to recognize local women and their achievements, whether small or great. Throughout the month of March, this publication will be featuring women from Flanders and Budd Lake who have made some kind of impact or change, or have gone above and beyond in making a difference.

Give a shout out to any women in town who have earned respect or admiration by submitting a brief description/write up about this woman and how she is a standout. Photos accepted too. Email

Health Dept. Offers Free Health Exams For Children

Mt. Olive Twp. is sponsoring a Free Child Health Exam & Vaccines for resident children of Mt. Olive, Netcong and Mount Arlington who do not have health insurance or have NJ Family Care A.

On Wednesday, March 6, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., a licensed pediatrician will perform physical examinations and update vaccinations at the Mt. Olive Twp. Health Dept. in Budd Lake. Ensure a child’s health and well-being by participating in this free event. It is a chance to make sure a child is up-to-date on his or her required vaccinations before the next school year.

Appointments are required: Call Nurse Helen Giles at 973-691-0900 ext. 7353.


Layups 4 Life Looking for teams to register

 On  Saturday, April 27, Layups 4 Life will be hosting its 5th annual 3v3 charity basketball tournament at the Parsippany PAL Youth Center in Parsippany. This tournament has quickly become one of New Jersey’s largest 3v3 charity basketball tournaments as it averages 40 teams per year. Registration for this tournament is open to ages 18+. 

 Layups 4 Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is founded on the principles of making a difference in the fight against cancer. Led by cancer survivor Dan Exter and his wife Dana Levine Exter, it is L4L’s mission to help raise vital funds for cancer research and clinical trials. Since 2014, Layups 4 Life has raised close to $80,000 through hosting a variety of events in the sports and social spaces. With the funds that they have raised during the last four years, L4L has made contributions in support of leukemia, pediatric and bone marrow research departments supporting one of the leaders in cancer innovation and research, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). 

To learn more about Layups 4 Life, visit its website at   Questions about this theme night or anything else regarding L4L, email Dan Exter or Dana Levine Exter at

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